Do You Want To Look and Feel Better, Lose Weight,  Bench Press 315 Again, or Be More Active In Your Kid's Life?
Our Coaches LEAN AND MEAN Workouts Are Intended To Give You Rapid Results, In The Shortest Amount Of Time. Period.
“Coach, using your program has improved my life in so many ways. I'm happier and leaner, but most importantly - I finally have energy to come home and play with my kids.” 
Coach  Doyle
The statement above was a coach I worked with who couldn’t even go in his backyard and play catch with his sons. It broke his heart when they would beg him to play catch or help them swing the bat... and because he was too tired and out of shape, he couldn't do it.
But... after only 3 weeks in our program, he was chasing them around the house, picking them up, and even throwing throwing them in the air... all from a little more strength and stability in just the right areas.

Every day he would come into the weight room to workout, he thanked me, and told me about him and his kids playing the night before. You couldn't have painted on a bigger smile! And guess what happened after that? He felt better. His workouts got better. He began feeling even more better, and this cycle began feeding on itself and speeding up into an upwards spiral... all from from the motivation created by being able to properly play with his kids again!
The moral of the story is if you want to play more with your kids, get stronger, and feel like you used to, then I have the perfect program for you.
Who Coaches The Coaches?
  • Get back some of that lean hard muscle you had in your youth
  • Shed gut fat from those fast food meals and those Sunday family dinners
  • Increase core strength and stability so you can do stuff without wincing
  • Get back that raw strength and power from your 20’s... (ok maybe 30’s)
  • Become the badass coach the other sideline keeps talking about
  • Finally be able to answer the question from your athletes “Can you do that coach?”
  • Transform your body into the machine you’re asking your athletes to become
  • Get the confidence you need and trust that your dedication to yourself is as important to yourself as it is to your family
  • All workouts accessible at your finger tips [check out 2 min video below]
Inside Look: Coaches
 Lean & Mean Program!
Do You Go To The Gym Everyday… But Don’t Train Yourself?

The number one complaint with most coaches over 30 – and, especially when they're 40 and 50... is they are “worn down”... “drained”... “tired”.

You see this in yourself everyday. You probably even know the exact hour of the day when you start running on fumes... and the older you get, the earlier the hour you get tired gets!

Time is a ruthless killer.  

5 years can go by in a heartbeat. It's not that we wanted to get out of shape... it just sort of happened... little by little... unnoticeable really... until one day, you really take a look. You know exactly what I mean.

Standing in your washroom naked, looking in the mirror when it really hits you: Is that who I really am? How I look in the mirror is not how I see myself in my mind... what the hell happened?

It's not your fault though.

Life happens to us. Our family is a big time commitment, and so is our work. Sometimes we spend so much time taking care of other people, inspiring them, motivating them to be best versions of ourselves that we can forget to motivate ourselves... root for ourselves... push ourselves.

Because the truth is...

We can't give to others that which we do not have ourselves. And if our life force is slowly being drained, how much more can we give?

Who coaches the coaches?

We do.
Created By Real SEC Strength Coaches
Training You Can Trust!
Michael Cano
Michael is a certified Strength and Conditioning coach from the C.S.C.Ca and holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Illinois State University. Michael is a Chicago native and has coached a variety of athletes in a wide range of disciplines across the country. While working as a Sports Performance Coach to college athletes, he has been an integral part of both individual and team successes. His athletes include over 35 NFL players, 5 MLB Draft Picks and numerous All Americans, some even appearing in Pro Bowls and the MLB All Star Game. Conference championships, Bowl Games and a National Championship appearance are some of his finest memories as a coach. He has worked with the highest caliber of athletes in the most competitive programs. Michael's goal is to give his athletes every ounce of his energy, effort, and expertise. He teaches attention to detail, and proper lifting techniques, as well as inspiring athletes to be relentless and attack every rep in the weight room and on the field. 
Sports Performance Experience:
Texas A&M University
Southeastern Louisiana University
Mississippi State University
Brian Neal
Brian was a 4-year starter at linebacker for Bridgewater College and obtained his Master's Degree in Sport Coaching Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi. Since starting his coaching career Brian has trained some of the world's top Olympic athletes, over 20 collegiate All-Americans, and 35 draft-picks, including multiple first-rounder's. His efforts have contributed to dozens of Olympic medalists, 11 Conference titles, and 4 collegiate National Championship appearances. Brian's goal is to provide coaches, parents, and athletes with safe, customized tools and training needed to help them reach their maximum potential.
Sports Performance Experience:
United States Olympic Committee
Sam Houston State University
University of Southern Mississippi
Virginia Tech
UNC-Chapel Hill
Mississippi State University
Never forget: You wouldn’t be in this profession if you didn’t have the love for practice, games, preparation, and insatiable desire to better today than you did yesterday.

We want to harness and ignite that desire that is buried deep within you but ready to bust wide open! 

  You wouldn’t have made it this far down the page if you weren’t already thinking about how you can get a handle on this once and for all.

Well if you haven't been seeing the results you want, don’t worry because we have the training program that is perfect for you. 

Now, lets be real here: Everyone and their dog can create a fitness course. There is more information about getting fit than Tiger Woods has secret girlfriends.

What makes this program unique, is two things:
1.  We have designed every single part of it for YOU, the coach. We understand your struggles, frustration, and time restrictions. 
2.  The first phase of the program is all about saving you from the dreaded river. What is the river? It is the one reason you have failed every single time you've tried to get this handled. Let me explain...
There are two sides to this river. You are standing on the left side, and your new energetic, fit, bad ass self is on the other side. In order to get to the other side, you are going to have to cross a raging river.

You know that if you can just get across the river, that switch will flip inside you where you are now hungry and excited to hit the gym again... in fact, you can't wait!

See, the first few steps crossing the river are fine - 
this is usually the first 4 to 7 days of any new program or diet. You know how it is – you are all motivated, pumped up, it's easy to stick to your routine. But as you get to the middle of the river... it becomes very difficult to keep your footing.

This is usually when most people turn back...

We want to get to the other side of the river very badly, but we give up right at the moment it begins to get easier.

This program is your bridge over that river. 

So unlike any other training programs out there, our LEAN AND MEAN workout is a unique workout designed to elicit change in your body, your mind, and your health by using what you already have access to...  

We believe everyone should have access to elite levels of strength and conditioning. BUT you really do! You’re a coach! You have access to the school gym, track, field, etc…
If you want to play with your daughter, live a more active lifestyle, bench press 315 again, lose midsection fat, or just look and feel better... our LEAN AND MEAN workouts are intended to give you rapid results, in the shortest amount of time. Period.
Just do these 30 or 45-minute or less workouts a few times a week and see your body, mind, and confidence literally transform in front of your eyes. Everything is done for you, so all you have to do is make the decision to get the lean and mean body you know you really want right now. 
Here’s What Coaches Are Saying About 
The LEAN & MEAN Program...
Coach David Cook
"I LOVE the workouts. I think the program is intense, and it pushes you to do things that you may not do normally, especially as a coach. My time is VERY limited, so being able to do it in 30 min or so is great.
Coach Ryan Taggert
Things are going great! Not losing weight so much as losing inches. Waist is definitely slimmer and flatter haha. Like the variations on lifts, the rotations and even the 2 minute drills in that first phase. 
Coach Bryan Goldman
"Workouts are Detailed and Scripted. Never have to think about the workout. Just pull up the app and do the work."
We Take a Scientific Approach to Your Physical Needs.
ONEighty LEAN AND MEAN Transformation System
Phase 1
Re-Introduce you to working out (aka The Bridge)
There is a good chance you have done very little training for some time now. That's OK… That’s what life does to all of us from time to time and in fact, it is a blessing in disguise. Why? It means your results will be far more dramatic than if you were chipping away at it all these years. This phase is to just give you a little kick start - reintroduce you to working out (yes, there will be soreness). This time is critical to prepare the muscles and connective tissues for the weeks to come. It’s used to correct any muscular deficiencies and imbalances which have formed from “sedentary” lifestyles and to increase a suppressed metabolism…  
Phase 2
Maximize strength
This phase is a time for growth. Not necessarily “size” growth but personal growth. This is the time to push for more strength where you need it, stability where you lack it, and lean muscle where you lost it. Use this time to propel yourself physically and mentally past the boundaries and the not so high standards you set for yourself the past few years… This is the time to get out of the proverbial comfort zone you mention to your athletes and really start to make a difference!
Phase 3
Melt Fat right off your body
Phase 3 is probably the hardest. You have been working out for 2 months by this time. The first few weeks were easy because you were motivated to “get back into it”. Maybe you missed a few days in Phase 2 because you had meetings, games, late practice, recitals, etc… Motivation is low, excuses are high! View this like your own playoffs. It’s either prepare and practice or your season is over… All the hard work you have put in the last few weeks means little if you don’t prepare and finish what you started… Can you commit, prepare, and finish just as you preach to your athletes? They’re preparing for a few sporting games a year… you’re setting yourself up for quality of life,
healthy longevity for your family, and maybe even to look good better naked! I would say you’re preparing for a lot more than your athletes are - so why not take advantage of such an opportunity? 
We have trained, mentored, and coached coaches for a long time now, and we have seen pretty consistent patterns over the years. Do you fit into any of them?
We have seen those coaches try to start a routine when school starts and fail:
“I’ll wait until I get back into a routine to start working out…” Not a chance! It doesn't work that way and you know it. Damn, our brains are excellent at tricking ourselves.
We have seen those coaches wear the long sleeves during camp to lose weight and fail…
“I’ll lose weight by dehydrating myself during the hottest time of year while also setting a bad example for my athletes”… NO WEIGHT LOSS, AND A POSSIBLE TRIP TO THE ER.
We have seen those coaches start fad diets and fail…
“I read on the internet that if I eat lettuce and mustard three times a day i’ll lose 10 pounds by Wednesday”… HA! The only thing you will lose is your mind!
We have seen those coaches become fat but give the athletes nutrition advice…
“You want to gain weight do you? Well take my advice - when I was your age I could eat anything I wanted and so should you”… YEAH WE KNOW YOU ATE ANYTHING YOU WANTED, YOU STILL DO.
We have seen those coaches tell the athletes to train harder that haven’t touched a weight in a decade….
“Jonny, even though you almost got impaled under that bar you should still go up 50 pounds… That’s what I used to do and I could bench a quarter ton”… IGNORANT
Does any of the above apply to you? Are you the guy who could bench 350 a decade ago but can’t touch 250 now?
I get it…

Life grabs you like a like a rabid Pit Bull and wrestles you away from YOU, YOUR TIME, and YOUR HEALTH… It provides you with a wealth of excuses, and with those excuses fat and weakness usually aren’t far behind.

Isn't it time to get back some of that time lost? In just a few minutes a day for 90 days you can earn it back. It’s up to you. Completely up to you and your desire in life right now!

You have us in your back pocket – heck, you don't even need to tell anyone! This is a commitment between yourself and your soul. We just provide the right tools and guidance to help you. 

Besides, you don't have much choice anyway... it's either a workout routine, or a routine bypass.
This course is simple and it works.

I want to prove it to you right now, so I am going to make you an offer you'd have to be crazy to refuse:

I am going to make this program about 
$.50 cents per day.

Truth be told, we can't charge enough for what we do... what it would mean to your confidence, your family, your energy levels, your entire manhood... you can't buy that kind of incredible feeling.

If you can commit to yourself, and let us give you the tools and guidance to finally make this the time you change your life... you can have the entire 90 day program for just

A personal trainer and a gym pass will cost at least $40 dollars for just 2 sessions, that's not even including the gym fees of at least $10 a month. Let's do some quick math here...

Monthly Membership $10 x3 months = $30, 

2 one on one sessions a month is $40x3 months= $120

You will be paying at least $150 for 2 sessions a month, 
and who's to say a trainer knows what us coaches really go through.
Can you commit 90 days to bettering your health, fitness, strength, confidence, and for some, your sanity?

  Click the button below and let's get started.  


You'll learn what to eat and avoid, when to eat and drink and how to supplement safely. This plan takes the guesswork out of mealtime. Follow it and you'll ensure your efforts in the gym pay off.


Strengthen your core, increase stability and sculpt lean muscle for ripped results! The Core Crusher is a 90 day Ab program that will link your lower body and upper body strength to produce explosive results. This program is our no holds barred core training program that takes you through body weight, weighted, and low core training 3 days a week. 
Just in case you are on the fence, I want you to know you are protected by our...
30 Day “No Hype” Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be as confident as I am, and all of our coaches are. 

But just in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it a no brainer for you.

  I completely guarantee your satisfaction.

  Let me be more specific. Here’s my 30 day guarantee…

Make your investment today. If at any time during the next 30 days you’re not completely convinced our program is worth the price you paid many times over, I want you to ask for your money back.

I’ll refund your investment right on the spot.

Fair enough?

Click the button below and buy the training.


One More Thing...
Think about it…

Where will you be one year from now?

Will you still be struggling to get into shape, as the thought of your health declining eats away at you?

Or will you be enjoying the accomplished feeling of having your body under control and being the inspiration you know you really are?

I have gone through the pain of figuring this stuff out so you don’t have to…

Don’t pass up an opportunity of a life-time. 

You have absolutely everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Go through my training, try it out, and take advantage of my money back guarantee… See for yourself what I am talking about.

If you’re ready to take that challenge click the button below for our LEAN AND MEAN program - made by coaches FOR coaches.

Get some confidence back in your step and look better naked again!
Maximizing Results… Transforming Coaches...

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