With the ELITE Program you get INSTANT access to:
  • Our 52-Week Sports Performance Training Program guiding you through every step of the strength and speed building process we can ensure your team will get bigger, faster, and strong year round. The system is comprehensive and covers all the key areas necessary to make your team more athletic: strength training, linear and lateral speed training, plyometric training, and metabolic training fit for your sport demands.
  • Our "Nutrition Made Easy" Eating Plan you'll learn what to eat and avoid, when to eat and drink and how to supplement safely. This plan takes the guesswork out of mealtime. Follow it and you'll ensure your team's efforts in the gym pay off.
  • Our  HD Video Library  more than 500 Specific exercises are used through the 52-week strength and speed workout routines. We have a video demonstrating every one of them to ensure you know exactly how to perform the exercise with proper form. Start coaching properly progressed plyo’s, speed, and weight training...
  • Our Game Ready Warm-up to make sure your  team is primed any ready for any competition or workout..

Foaud Zaban, Head Coach, Fordson High School

"Workouts are going Awesome! Kids really like the workouts and so do I! Coach we have done a lot of these lifts but the organization and grouping you have set up has been great. The video teaching has done wonders for our guys."
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