WARNING: Champions Program is Limited To  Hungry, Motivated Coaches... We only have 3 spots left for Summer 2019!

CHAMPIONS Sports Performance Program
We're Looking For A Few More Of Our 
"If That's You... We Will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One To Take Your Teams Sports Performance Program to the Next Level. While Creating a Safe Highly Intense Atmosphere of Positive Relentless Training!"
As a coach, you know how much of a challenge it can be to implement a sport-specific strength and conditioning program for your team.

You're collecting equipment, organizing awards banquets, catching up on missed family time, and now mapping out a Strength Program that will give your team that EDGE it was missing.

 Putting together a program on your own takes a ton of time and you don't have 10-15k in the budget to hire "trainers" for 3 months of training. Plus, is the program in place really the most efficient for your program?  I can't even tell you how many coaches tell me..."I found a football program Nebraska uses on the Internet." 

EVERY PROGRAM IS DIFFERENT! You may want to lift for an hour, you'll have 90 guys(Fresh, Soph, & Varisty) training at 2 separate times, you only have 6 racks, some multi sport athletes who can't do the football lift, you want to focus on finishing and competition, you have 2 coaches to "watch" the weight room... and the list goes on! We take the guess work out of your programming!

As my old boss and mentor Coach Dan Mullen would say, a Strength and Conditioning program is the #1 factor that will determine the success of our program. Through out this behind the scenes look we'll show you  how we coach you through these problems and give you the exact program that is needed to take your team to the next level. We have zero desire to just hand you a blue print, we want to be part of your staff and put in the details, effort, and sweat equity it requires to build a championship program. 
Here’s What Coaches Are Saying About The CHAMPIONS Program:
Coach Andrews, Head Coach Watervliet High School
"The program is absolutely tailored to our equipment and facilites.  The workouts were tough and challenging, but they were the BEST we EVER had, our players love them! It's an incredible service, and I couldn't give a higher recommendation!"
Coach Zaban, Head Coach Fordson High School
"The Champions Program is very detailed, gave us an EDGE over our competition, and the kids loved it. If your a program looking for an EDGE the Champions program is it!"
Coach Mote, Asst. Coach Harding University
"Coach Cano is an expert in the field, highly organized, very detailed, and has tremendous energy. If you need a program to take your team to the NEXT Level I'd put my trust in ONEighty Athletics Champions Program."
What Is ONEighty Athletics 
The Championship Program Design:
If you get accepted to the 'Champions Program', this is how it will work:
and go over what you've already got...
1.  What facilities do you have available? Open field, Weight room, Basketball Court 
2. What are your logistics / equipment available? How many Racks, DB's, Benches, Bumper Plates, etc...
3. How many athletes will be in the program? How many in each session?
4. What is your start date and how many weeks do you have to train?
5. How are you measuring success in the weight room and why ?
6. What do you want to achieve moving forward? 
Once we have those "details", we'll focus on 3 things
1. OFF-Season Objective's
Focus around performance indicators and team goals / standards. What actually motivates your athletes? 
2. Customizing A Program Specific To Your Team and Culture.
Plan all aspects of training and leadership program (and competitive environment to excel in)
3. Implementing The Program and Teambuildr
Setting up the Championship formula. Alot of communication and feedback to drive success. Win the Kids!

Champions are Built In The Weight Room!

We have combined our expertise with Teambuildrs online strength and conditioning platform allowing us to program workouts faster than ever before. By building and saving your exercises and workouts straight to the cloud, programming a strength training cycle is only a few clicks away.

Complete Customization, Track Progress, & Team Communication

We customize workouts based on player, sport or position, and keep athletes motivated through progress tracking using the built-in leaderboards and real-time charts, and hold their team accountable with our built in email and text messaging system or converse with them on the Team Feed.
Real Coaches + Cutting Edge Technology = Real Results
  • Year long Strength, Speed, and Conditioning for Preseason, In-season, Post season and Off-season. We realize that every school is different, so we made everything customizable...
  • Over 2000 Sport-Specific exercises with Videos to choose from..
  • Plans to increase your Size, Strength, Flexibility, and Explosive Power
  • Weak Link Programs for Injuries, Neck Training for concussion prevention, and Nutrition Made Easy for proper hydration and weight management.
  • Access to our CHAMPIONSHIP EDGE Program (SEE BELOW)... & Much More
On any given day a single team can generate thousands of pieces of data in the weight room. Our intuitive reporting and notification system will alert you when there is something you need to know. Whether a new team record is broken or an athlete beats their body weight goal, TeamBuildr makes it known. 
Unleash Athletic Potential 
Customized Year Long Training Delivered to the Palm of Your hand.
As collegiate strength and conditioning coaches we want to train the proper energy systems and recruit the same motor units when we lift and run as that are required to play. These exercises and movement patterns mimic our sports physiological and biomechanical demands. Soccer is going to train different than football. Football is going to train differently than swimming. Swimming will train differently than baseball. And so on. These are our demands. Some may differ from your goals slightly. We also customize periodization based on your competition schedule from pre-season to championship week! 
Training You Can Trust!
Michael is a certified Strength and Conditioning coach from the C.S.C.C and holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Illinois State University.
Michael is a Chicago native and has coached a variety of athletes in a wide range of disciplines across the country. While working as a Sports Performance Coach to college athletes, he has been an integral part of both individual and team successes. His athletes include over 35 NFL players, 5 MLB Draft Picks and numerous All Americans, some even appearing in Pro Bowls and the MLB All Star Game. Conference championships, Bowl Games and a National Championship appearance are some of his finest memories as a coach. He has worked with the highest caliber of athletes in the most competitive programs. Michael's goal is to give his athletes every ounce of his energy, effort, and expertise. He teaches attention to detail, and proper lifting techniques, as well as inspiring athletes to be relentless and attack every rep in the weight room and on the field. 
Sports Performance Experience: 
Texas A&M University
Southeastern Louisiana
Mississippi State 
Brian was a 4-year starter at linebacker for Bridgewater College and obtained his Master's Degree in Sport Coaching Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi. Since starting his coaching career Brian has trained some of the world's top Olympic athletes, over 20 collegiate All-Americans, and 35 draft-picks, including multiple first-rounder's. His efforts have contributed to dozens of Olympic medalists, 11 Conference titles, and 4 collegiate National Championship appearances. Brian's goal is to provide coaches, parents, and athletes with safe, customized tools and training needed to help them reach their maximum potential.
Sports Performance Experience: 
United States Olympic Committee
Sam Houston State University
University of Southern Mississippi
Virginia Tech
UNC-Chapel Hill
Mississippi State University
Any Time Any Where +Endless Integration & Upgrades.
Whether on tablets or on paper, in a single facility or scattered across the country, teams can pull workouts wherever and whenever they need to. Like today’s generation of athletes, the TeamBuildr platform is mobile and accessible from any device. Four times a year we release a major platform upgrade to our subscribers. Coaches also enjoy integrations with the best in the industry such as A2P, GymAware, and Ubersense. We thrive on coach feedback and make sure every customer has a say.
What Are Others Saying About 
ONEighty Athletics...
"Coach  has a ton of passion for improving athletes in the weight room and off. His knowledge in program design and culture development is top notch. I highly recommend in investing in ONEighty Athletics"
Louie Dobosenski
Asst. Florida State University
"You're looking for a program and people to trust. Trust with your investment and trust to take your team to the next level. ONEighty Athletics is a program you can trust.."
Jason Russell
Asst. University of Houston
"There's No Question That I'm Going To Get My Guys Signed Up! This will give us a great edge to enhance our program and give are kids a chance at the next level"
Cole Catalano
Louisiana Elite
As coaches we brainstorm for Hours, Days, and even Weeks thinking of ways to gain that EDGE on the competition. You consider EVERYTHING... from 4th Quarter drills, to Team Building, to Team Competitions, to Finishers, to Leadership Committees, to Level Boards, and the list is really endless. 

This is where we come in...
We provide the perfect program designed specifically for your team that gives you a huge edge on the competition. We are available 24-7 via phone, text, email, skype to make sure you know we are all in! 

EX. Fridays aren't working out because Volleyball is starting to come in at the same time, and that's suppose to be our Power day on the Platforms. No problem, we breakdown the issue and supplement the proper exercises  to get a great lift in while still hitting our daily objectives. NOTHING NOTHING gets me more frustrated when I see 4 plus guys on a rack waiting to bench, we don't have time to waste! Young Athletes need to TRAIN HARD, TRAIN SAFE, and TRAIN FAST! It's our job to show you exactly what a safe highly intense atmosphere of positive relentless training looks like!
I'm sure your competition has LSU's Summer Template, Miss State In-Season, SMU- Sprint Program, Jim Wiendler 5-3-1, etc... But guess what? NONE of those programs are for them! You could buy an expensive software program that gives you workouts based on data, but it won't have the knowledge, facilities, or time to implement a complete, year-round Sports Performance Program!

As Sports Performance Coaches over the past 10 years Brian and I have spent countless hours programming and learning from the best in the business.  With that programming and knowledge comes an INSANE amount of products and Championship Level content. You have ACCESS to ALL of it... Here's just a few things in our CHAMPIONS EDGE!
  • Sport Specific Sports Performance Programs written by certified strength and conditioning specialists 
  • Year long Strength, Speed, and Conditioning for Preseason, In-season, Post season and Off-season. We realize that every school is different, so we made everything customized to your schools needs!
  • Over 2000 Sport-Specific exercises with Videos to choose from & training videos on:
  • Dynamic Warm ups
  • Linear & Lateral Speed, Agility, Quicks, & Plyometrics
  • Bench, Squat, & Deadlift
  • Olympic lifting techniques
  • Neck Training (Concussion Prevention)
  • Ankle, Knee, & Hip Mobility
  • Foam Rolling, Band Stretches, Static Stretches
  • Plus Full Access to TEAMBUILDRs Elite Online Strength & Conditioning Platform
  • All Our Products [normally sold separately]
  • Core Crusher:(90 Day Ab Series) Covering Body Weight, Weighted Abs, and Lower Core
  • Accelerator: two-day a week 12-week speed-training program. These sessions will work on the key elements of speed development including stride length, stride frequency, acceleration, and reaction time.
  • Camp Crusher: For your players going to camps with the goal of impressing college coaches and recruiters
  • Nutrition Made Easy:You'll learn what to eat and avoid, when to eat and drink and how to supplement safely. This plan takes the guesswork out of mealtime. 
  • Individual Needs: Identify weakness and attack . Need more size or conditioning? 
  • Arm Care: Coach Neal takes you through and Elite Pitching Arm Care Program
  • Bench Press Cure: 15 week Bench Program all coaches would love after the Holidays!
  • Guns Club:Who Doesn't want bigger arms.. And your players love extra arm work!
  • Also Weekly Newsletter Templates to communicate better with your team
  • Weak Link Program: Prevent Injuries before they happen
  • Position Specific Skills and Drills
  • Our Article Swipe File on Coaching and much, much, more.. If you can think of it we have it!
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