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52 Week Step-By-Step Program To Drastically Improve Your Team's Athletic Potential, Competitiveness, And Mental Toughness.
Let me ask you a few questions…  
Are you swamped with testing, grading, coaching, family, traveling, etc. and don't have time to devote to researching and planning out a quality off-season program?
Are you searching the internet for a program to take your team to the next level but don’t want to bust your budget?

Do you already have a successful program in place but are looking for that one thing to take your program to the next level

Is your team missing that “edge” about them because the mental toughness from the weight room and conditioning isn't carrying over to the field?
What if I told you, we could take care of all the above for you while also being easy on your budget and requiring minimal time commitment?

Well here’s a quick preview at our comprehensive off-season program from warm up to cool down… and EVERYTHING in between
We know that not every team is the same. We know not every weight room is created equal. We also understand the ongoing battle most high school coaches face with budgets, resources, facilities, and equipment. So, this is our opportunity to give back to the coaches who may not have the “shiny” stuff but are able to coach their asses off with half what other schools may have.  
We have created a 52-week program aimed at maximizing space and resources in a high school weight room. Within these 52 weeks is everything from warm ups, to agility drills, strength training, core workouts, and TEAM finishers to give you that 4th quarter edge next season.

What you are about to discover is a proven, systematic off-season workout program, that will help you create the strongest, fastest, and most powerful team you’ve ever coached!
Coach Collins, Head Strength Coach Cincinnati University
"I've personally worked with Coach Cano & Coach Neal... Their as good as it get's in the strength and conditioning field. Implementing their programs will definitley take your team to the NEXT LEVEL!
Coach Dykeman, Head Coach Cheshire Acacdemy
"A complete GAME CHANGER 
We will be using ONEighty Athletics for as long as they will be offering programs at the High School level!"
Coach Badke, Head Coach Brother Rice High School
Bench, Squat, Dead lifts, Agilities, 40's... You name the drill and they all have DRASTICALLY improved under ONEighty Athletics program! 
It’s Time To Breathe New Life Into Your Strength and Conditioning Program and Give Your Athletes The Winning Edge!
I started coaching DI athletes over a decade ago. I quickly realized there are so many other benefits of weight training other than getting bigger, faster, and stronger… Kids learn to become leaders, become more cohesive as a team, and most importantly they learn to compete and win!  
Let’s face it, kids today are not the kids of yesterday. As coaches, we see that, and as coaches we have the responsibility and the platform to help change their mindset of “everyone wins” to “only the most prepared wins”.
Coaches have a very unique opportunity to enact great physical change, but maybe the most rewarding change is the mental capacity to overcome adversity, fear, and uncomfortability… 
People say kids today lack respect… 
Not ours.
They say kids today lack the ability to lead…
Not ours.
People say kids today lack the capacity to be mentally tough and strain through hard situations... 
Again, not ours.  
Our athletes don’t lack any of the above because we constantly put them in those positions and teach (push) them to succeed and even THRIVE in those scenarios.  

This is the reason we created the ELITE SPORTS PERFORMANCE PROGRAM. We have trained some of the best leaders, toughest athletes, and best players in the nation for the last decade and wanted to share it with those who may not have the time, the knowledge, or the experience that we have, but want the same outcome as we do. 
Our 52-week program will maximize your facility, your staff, and your athletes work level and abilities, GUARANTEED! And, if done at a high level, make your team tough as hell in the fall.
Michael Cano
Sports Performance Experience:
Texas A&M University
Southeastern Louisiana
Mississippi State University
Coaches around the country asked for it and we delivered!

A World Class  Strength and Conditioning Program designed by professional strength coaches all laid out for you day by day, week by week, month by month. 

…Completely Performance Focused and High School Athlete Centered. 

The manual is broken down in a calendar fashion so that all you have to do is watch the accompanying videos and copy the workout for that week.

Our goal was to create a comprehensive training program that could cover all aspects of training. Our program gives you a step by step process to gaining the strength, stamina, power, and flexibility your team needs to really excel.  

Here’s an overview of what you’ll get:
 52-Weeks of a Properly Programmed and Progressed Training Protocol Designed by Certified Collegiate Strength Coaches ($397.97 Value)
This program has been designed from years of experience training athletes ranging from Olympic sprinters, 1st round draft picks, and MLB All-Stars to high school athletes looking to gain an edge. We have developed a mix of basic drills with advance drills we use for our All-Americans and professional athletes solely for your team.  

At the core of the Elite Program is a 3-day or 4-day, 
52-week program. These 60-70 minute sessions are focused on the key elements of strength & conditioning including weight training, linear and lateral speed training, plyometric training, and metabolic training .

Specifically designed to maximize and reach your teams off-season, in-season, and pre-season goals. 
Daily Video Walkthrough
3 or 4 Day Split
Elite Speed Training
Our ELITE Exercise Demonstration HD Video Library ($247.97 Value)
More than 500 Strength and Conditioning Specific exercises are used through the 52-week strength and speed workout routines. We have a video demonstrating every one of them to ensure you know exactly how to perform the exercise with proper form. You will also receive coaching How To videos so you can improve and gain confidence as a coach.

Not only will proper form prevent injury, it'll ensure your body is working properly to get the performance benefits the exercise is intended to provide. Every exercise listed in the daily workout routines is linked to its demonstration video so you can quickly and easily learn the proper form on the fly.
Strength & Power Training
Linear Speed Drills
Lateral Speed Drills
Individual Competitions
Team Finishers
Competition Agilities
Med Ball Quicks
But that’s just a small outline of what you will get from this product.

Each element of The ELITE is built upon each other to ensure success. The progression from week to week will ensure you're developing the strength, power and technique necessary to produce - stronger, fitter, and more stable athletes for a healthier and more productive season. There's no better way to get world-class training than The ELITE  Sports Performance Program.
($97 VALUE)
It’s that time of year, athletes are prepping for their upcoming seasons with the goals of winning championships and getting seen by top programs and earning a scholarship to play at the next level. For your athletes going to camps with the goal of impressing college coaches and recruiters it’s about fast 40’s Usain Bolt style, changing direction on a dime with agility drills, and jumping out of the gym for the vertical and broad jump test. This program is going to provide you with some insider tips, tricks, and hacks from the elite strength coaches to help you test out and show out with the best in the country!
($97 VALUE)
Strengthen your teams core, increase stability and sculpt lean muscle for ripped results! The Core Crusher is a 90 day Ab program that will link your teams lower body and upper body strength to produce an explosive athlete. This program is our no holds barred core training program that takes you through body weight, weighted, and low core training 3 days a week. And of course we have videos demonstrating every AB ripping exercise to ensure you know exactly how to perform the exercise with proper form and tenacity.  
($67 Value)
There's no point training if you don't have the energy to get through the workouts. That's why we layout a IN-Season, OFF-Season, and PRE-Season performance eating plan.

You'll learn what to eat and avoid, when to eat and drink and how to supplement safely. This plan takes the guesswork out of mealtime. Follow it and you'll ensure your efforts in the gym pay off.
Here’s What Coaches Are Saying About The ELITE Program:
In Summary Here's Everything That's Included
What Are You Waiting For?
We've packed over $900 of training, nutrition, and performance knowledge into the Elite training system. Because we want every athlete to reach his or her athletic potential. We normally offer this yearly program for $499.97
However, since we're trying to build the world's largest coaching community, 
 we need to fill it with as many like-minded coaches as possible. 

Which is why we are offering a special “introductory discount”
 for a very limited time only.

So, today you can pick up this entire program with all the bonuses, continuous coaching and nothing left out for only 
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So, I recommend you jump in now, otherwise later you’ll be paying an extra $250 for the exact same program.
In Fact, We’re So Damn Confident About The ELITE Sports Performance Program We’re Letting You Test-Drive It For FREE
We know just how many "strength coaches" are out there promising you "INSTANT SPEED or STRENGTH" so we don’t just want to tell you how brutally effective this program is, we want to show you. So…
Get The ELITE today, watch all the videos, install the blazing speed into your game, and if there’s anything you don’t like about it whatsoever after 2 months, you can STILL get all your money back if you really wanted.

THAT is how much we believe in this program!
60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

This is the first time we've packaged this system together in this easy to use plan. We've laid out everything you need to develop more power, more muscle and more team speed to build the most complete team you've ever had. Oh yea and don't forget about your athletes crushing upcoming camps and combines and having a ripped shredded core!

We're so confident that it'll make your team Bigger, Faster, & Stronger that we're going to guarantee it.  If you're not impressed with your teams strength, power, or conditioning in 8 weeks we'll refund you 100% of your order.

P.S.> What Is a Winning Season Worth To You?
Let’s Give You The Ultimate Advantage and Implement The Same program that top University Players, Collegiate All-Americans and Pro Bowl Athletes have used to give them the edge. 

We’ve personally worked with hundreds of coaches and thousands of players and our conditioning strategies are sought after by athletes and coaches at the highest level of competition. There is no question that you know how valuable a strength & conditioning program is to the success of your team. 

However, it still stuns me to see so many coaches ineffectively use the off-season to ensure their teams success. 

Failing to plan for the upcoming season is something far too many coaches are guilty of. 
They think the summer conditioning is enough and that their hell week will do the job.
A winning season can ALWAYS be traced back to an effective and productive off-season.

Our programs have taken hard working athletes and made them into Collegiate All- Americans, Professional Players into Pro Bowl selections. 

But one thing we haven’t been able to increase is the time we have available to work with coaches and athletes.

And that is why we worked so hard to develop this program…

We wanted to create a program that was as effective and as close to working with us personally as a coach could get, while keeping the cost down. 
The ONEighty Athletics ELITE Sports Performance Program accomplishes that goal.

P.P.S. I can’t tell you enough how excited I am for you…I have dedicated my professional career to taking athletes to the next level…I know it sounds strange but I get even a bigger thrill helping coaches take their teams training to new heights. 

Click on the button now and let’s get rolling so I can get your testimonial when your team crushes it's first opponent!…
was $39.97  SAVE 40%
YES Coach CANO! I’d like to upgrade my membership to an ONEighty ELITE COACHING monthly member for $24.97 today. I understand that I can cancel anytime.
was $499.97  SAVE 50%
YES Coach CANO! I’d like to get 2 months FREE when I upgrade my membership to the ELITE COACHING Program as an annual member for just a single payment of $249.97. I understand that I am receiving a massive discount.
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