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12-Week Step-by-Step Program to Drastically Improve Your Team's Speed
Has losing games ever kept you up at night? Have you ever been dominated on the field because your team was too slow? Have you been looking for a better way to give your athletes that ‘explosive first step’ they need to compete and win at the highest level, but don’t know how to design a progressive and systematic speed program? Have you been depending on YouTube videos to train your team?

Today's athlete is constantly evolving and the need for speed to compete is higher than it's ever been. The athlete who knows how to properly sprint, backpedal, and change direction is going to have a huge edge over their competition. Even with recognizing speeds increased demand, very few coaches have a proven working system to develop that fast twitch first step they've been missing. 

The athletic demands of sport is evolving - shouldn't training measures and protocols reflect the same? 

College Coaches and Scouts want guys who are FAST! This Program has been used to develop over 30 NFL players, 25 MLB Draft Picks, and 1000's of NCAA D-1 Athletes

Some coaches are simply guessing when it comes to developing fast, explosive athletes. Maybe they're teaching the same drills they were taught because they don’t know where to go to find a program. This program is not only made to improve your teams speed, but also make you a better informed and confident coach . The ACCELERATOR will give your team an INSTANT edge on the field or court GUARANTEED!
Jason Russell, Strength Coach,
Texas State University
"The Accelerator Program is a must have for all athletes! Our players have increased shuttles times, body control, and surprisingly even saw an increase in vertical Jump.." 
Der'rick Thompson, WR, SMU
"If you follow the blueprint that ONEighty Athletics has laid out, you most definitely will increase your speed, footwork, and become Stronger in the weight room! This will lead to a huge transformation on the field..." FASTEST 40 Time 4.37!!
Darius Slay,CB, Philadelphia Eagles
The ACCELERATOR is more than just a workout — it's a system backed by scientific research and molded over years of trial and error on thousands of athletes.  By guiding you through every step of the speed building process we can ensure your team will get faster in just 90 days. This system is comprehensive and covers all the key areas necessary to make you faster: Progressive Drills, Technical Training, Rest Periods, Resisted Running, Acceleration and Max Speed Training.  

When you order ACCELERATOR today you'll gain instant access to:
This program has been designed from years of experience training athletes ranging from Olympic sprinters, 1st round draft picks, and MLB All-Stars to high school athletes looking to gain an edge. We have developed a mix of basic drills with advanced drills we use for our All-Americans and professional athletes solely for you.  

The ACCELERATOR is a max speed-training program aimed at developing speed twice a week for 12 weeks. These workouts will focus on the main components of speed development including stride length, stride frequency, acceleration, technique and turnover... plus much more.

By following our ACCELERATOR program, you can stop guessing what drills to do and start achieving maximum results with the limited time and access you have with your athletes.
Our ACCELERATOR HD Video Library ($197 Value)
Our 12-week ACCELERATOR program includes over fifty speed specific exercises and drills. We have videos to model each exercise to ensure you can see and utilize correct form and technique.

We know that proper technique prevents injury, but it also guarantees that the athlete works the proper muscles correctly and sequentially to garner all the benefits of that specific exercise. Each exercise listed in the daily workout routines is linked to its demonstration video so you can quickly and easily learn the proper form on the fly, but more importantly SEE how the drill is supposed to be performed correctly.
There's no point training if you don't have the energy to get through the workouts or the right fuel to recover from them. That's why we layout a IN-Season, OFF-Season, and PRE-Season performance eating plan.

You'll be able to educate your athletes on what to eat and what not to, nutrient timing, dehydration needs, weight loss and weight gain demands, and how to do so without needing supplements. This plan takes the worry out of fueling the body and primes it for performance and recovery. Follow it and you'll ensure your efforts training pay off.
Each element of The ACCELERATOR is built upon each other to ensure success. The progression from week to week will ensure you're developing the strength, power, and technique necessary to produce more speed from one workout to the next. This speed package will get every ounce of speed out of your athletes and will produce the fastest results you've seen in your offseason speed training.  The ACCELERATOR will not only develop faster 40's but will  have a rapid and direct correlation to changing your teams speed where it counts, ON THE FIELD or COURT
($97 VALUE)
It’s that time of year, athletes are prepping for their upcoming seasons with the goals of winning championships and getting seen by top programs and earning a scholarship to play at the next level. For your athletes going to camps with the goal of impressing college coaches and recruiters it’s about fast 40’s Usain Bolt style, changing direction on a dime with agility drills, and jumping out of the gym for the vertical and broad jump test. This program is going to provide you with some insider tips, tricks, and hacks from the elite strength coaches to help you test out and show out with the best in the country!
($97 VALUE)
Strengthen your teams core, increase stability and sculpt lean muscle for ripped results! The Core Crusher is a 90 day Ab program that will link your teams lower body and upper body strength to produce an explosive athlete. This program is our no holds barred core training program that takes you through body weight, weighted, and low core training 3 days a week. And of course we have videos demonstrating every AB ripping exercise to ensure you know exactly how to perform the exercise with proper form and tenacity.  
Here’s What Coaches & Players Are Saying About The ACCELERATOR & ONEighty Athletics:


"Mike Cano is definitely one of the BEST Strength Coaches I've ever been around, definitely the most INTENSE coach, I've been around, if you're looking for somebody that's going to bring the best out of you, Mike can definitely do that!"

Thomas Stallworth, Asst. Football Strength Coach, New York Giants

"Coach Cano & Coach Neal are definitely cutting edge strength coaches, with a lot of energy, a lot of passion, and a lot of knowledge to work with young athletes and get them prepared to perform at their highest level. I would endorse and recommend this to anyone that has a chance to be apart of such a special program!
What Are You Waiting For?
We've packed over $700 of training, nutrition, and performance knowledge into the ACCELERATOR training system. Based on most of our professional clients we normally offer this program for $247.97
However, with our background as collegiate strength coaches, we want to reach and impact more youth athletes to be ready to compete at the next level... And that doesn't start with us, it starts with you, their coach.   

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In Fact, We’re So Damn Confident About The ACCELERATOR We’re Letting You Test-Drive It For A Full 2 Months…
We know just how many "speed coaches" are out there promising you "INSTANT SPEED" so we don’t just want to tell you how brutally effective this program is, we want to show you. So…
Get The ACCELERATOR today, watch all the videos, install the blazing speed into your game, and if there’s anything you don’t like about it whatsoever after 2 months, you can STILL get all your money back if you really wanted.

THAT is how much we believe in this program!
60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

This is the first time we've packaged this system together in this easy to use plan. We've laid out everything you need to develop more power, more fast twitch muscle and more leg drive to have the fastest athletes in your district. Oh yea and don't forget about your athletes crushing their upcoming camps and combines and having a ripped, strong, shredded core to help protect against injury!

We're so confident that it'll make your team faster that we're going to guarantee it. If you're not faster in 12 weeks we'll refund your 100% of your order.

 P.S. You read this far because you want your team to get  FASTER right? In this program I am going to show you exactly how I do it day in and day out with the athletes I train. I’ve had young athletes decrease their 40 time by half a second in this 12 week program…Look, even if your team average drops down from a 5.2 to  4.9  how would awesome would that feel? 

Not only that, but they’ll also have more confidence and some serious tools to make some explosive plays on the field or court. 

This program has been single handedly responsible for taking guys off the bench in college to stand out players in Pro’s. Think about what it can do for your team…

Give it a try today…there is nothing to lose and a lot to gain…

P.P.S. I can’t tell you enough how excited I am for you…I have dedicated my professional career to taking athletes to the next level…I know it sounds strange but I get an even bigger thrill helping coaches take their teams training to new heights. 

Click on the button now and let’s get rolling so I can get your testimonial when your team crushes new 40 times!…
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