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Here you'll find our most comprehensive systems of Strength & Conditioning secrets and wisdom to help you elevate your team. Our products encompass years of coaching expertise across many facets of running a successful program, increasing your knowledge, and developing successful Sports Performance strategies to achieve your goals and take your team to the next level.

Elite Sports Performance Program: 

52 Week Step-By-Step Sports Performance System that Maximize Your TEAMS Training and Athletic Potential!

What you're about to discover is a PROVEN, systematic workout program, that will help you create the Strongest, Fastest, and most Powerful team you've ever coached! Don't forget TEAM building Competition Drills, 4th quarter programs, finishers developing mental toughness and much more!

…Completely Performance Focused & High School Athlete Centered.
The manual is broken down in a calendar fashion so that all you have to do is watch the accompanying videos and copy the workout for that week.
Our goal was to create a comprehensive training program that could cover all aspects of training. Our program gives you a step by step process to gaining the strength, stamina, power, and flexibility your team needs to really excel. 
Today's Price: 249.97
As a coach, you know how much of a challenge it can be to implement a sport-specific strength and conditioning program for your team.

You're collecting equipment, organizing awards banquets, catching up on missed family time, and now mapping out a Strength Program that will give your team that EDGE it was missing.

 Putting together a program on your own takes a ton of time and you don't have 10-15k in the budget to hire "trainers" for 3 months of training. Plus, is the program in place really the most efficient for your program? I can't even tell you how many coaches tell me..."I found a football program Nebraska uses on the Internet." 

EVERY PROGRAM IS DIFFERENT! You may want to lift for an hour, you'll have 90 guys(Fresh, Soph, & Varisty) training at 2 separate times, you only have 6 racks, some multi sport athletes who can't do the football lift, you want to focus on finishing and competition, you have 2 coaches to "watch" the weight room... and the list goes on! We take the guess work out of your programming!

As my old boss and mentor Coach Dan Mullen would say, a Strength and Conditioning program is the #1 factor that will determine the success of our program. Through out this behind the scenes look we'll show you how we coach you through these problems and give you the exact program that is needed to take your team to the next level. We have zero desire to just hand you a blue print, we want to be part of your staff and put in the details, effort, and sweat equity it requires to build a championship program.

ACCELERATOR Speed Training Program 

Coaches and Scouts want guys with serious SPEED! This Program has been used to develop over 30 NFL players, 25 MLB Draft Picks, and 1000's of NCAA D-1 Athletes. Imagine going from turning a few heads at camp to a potential D1 scholarship, to who knows, possibly stealing the show at the NFL Combine. That's what happened to Darius Slay, ran a 4.36, and made him a 2nd round Draft Pick for the Detroit Lions! This program is specifically designed to slash your 40 times while gaining maximum Game Day speed... It will give you an INSTANT edge on the field or court GUARANTEED!


Have you been looking for that perfect program for your YOUTH son or daughter, or team...
The one where it takes into account their age, the strength of their bones, their maturation and physiology, their abilities, your time, and your budget?
Well, we got it...
Our All-NEW Youth Training Workout Program!
Our program is for youth athletes that have no true weight training experience...

Athlete's that have not reached puberty yet or just need to master the fundamentals of basic movements and exercises first...

For parents who want their child in a training environment but may not have the time, resources, or the trust of others to put them through barbell loaded physical training...

Coaches Lean & Mean 90 Day Workout Program

Do You Want To Look and Feel Better, Bench Press 315 Again, or Be More Active In Your Kid's Life?

Life happens to us. Our family is a big time commitment, and so is our work. Sometimes we spend so much time taking care of other people, inspiring them, motivating them to be the best versions of themselves that we can forget to motivate ourselves... root for ourselves... push ourselves.
Because the truth is...

We can't give to others that which we do not have ourselves. And if our life force is slowly being drained, how much more can we give?
Who coaches the coaches?
We do!

Bench Press Cure 

You’ll have a complete step by step guide with flow charts, exercise progressions and complete workouts taking you through 15 weeks. You’ll have access to every single exercise and recommendation I make in the main manual on video…
We have left no stone unturned, everything you need to blast through previous barriers…stay focused…record progress and keep moving forward.
.Be prepared to add 30, 50 even 100 pounds to your max bench and crush a 225LB rep max...
We're adding all 3 of these programs with any purchase!

BONUS #1: Camp Crusher Program 

It’s that time of year, athletes are prepping for their upcoming seasons with the goals of winning championships and getting seen by top programs and earning a scholarship to play at the next level. For those of you going to camps with the goal of impressing college coaches and recruiters it’s about fast 40’s Usain Bolt style, changing direction on a dime with agility drills, and jumping out of the gym for the vertical and broad jump test. This program is going to provide you with some insider tips, tricks, and hacks from the elite strength coaches to help your athletes test out and show out with the best in the country!

BONUS #2: Core Crusher Program 

Strengthen your core, increase your stability and sculpt lean muscle for ripped results! The Core Crusher is a 90 day Ab program to get you absolutely shredded. Think about it, there is nothing
more impressive than having 4.4 speed complimented with a set of ripped abs to pass the "eye test". This program is our no holds barred core training program that takes you through body weight, weighted, and low core training 3 days a week. And of course we have videos demonstrating every AB ripping exercise to ensure you know exactly how to perform the exercise with proper form and tenacity.  

BONUS #3: Nutrition Made Easy 

There's no point training if you don't have the energy to get through the workouts. That's why we layout a IN-Season, OFF-Season, and PRE-Season performance eating plan.

You'll learn what to eat and avoid, when to eat and drink and how to supplement safely. This plan takes the guesswork out of mealtime. Follow it and you'll ensure your efforts in the gym pay off.
Here’s What Coaches & Players Are Saying About ONEighty Athletics:
Jason Russell, Head Basketball Strength Coach, University of Houston
"These Programs are a must have for all athletes & coaches! Our players have increased shuttles times, body control, and surprisingly even saw an increase in vertical Jump.." 
Der'rick Thompson, WR, SMU
"If you follow the blueprint that ONEighty Athletics has laid out, you most definitely will increase your speed, footwork, and become Stronger in the weight room! This will lead to a huge transformation on the field..." FASTEST 40 Time 4.37!!
Coach David Cook 
"I LOVE the coaches workouts. I think the program is intense, and it pushes you to do things that you may not do normally, especially as a coach. My time is VERY limited, so being able to do it in 30 min or so is great. 

Gabe Jackson, Oakland Raiders 

"If you follow the system step-by-step that ONEighty Athletics has laid out, you most definitely will increase your strength, size, and become stronger in the weight room! This will lead to massive gains on your bench press and a powerful punch on the field..."  
225 Rep Max=40 Times! Bench Max= 445lb
Training You Can Trust!
Michael Cano
Michael is a certified Strength and Conditioning coach from the C.S.C.Ca and holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Illinois State University. Michael is a Chicago native and has coached a variety of athletes in a wide range of disciplines across the country. While working as a Sports Performance Coach to college athletes, he has been an integral part of both individual and team successes. His athletes include over 35 NFL players, 5 MLB Draft Picks and numerous All Americans, some even appearing in Pro Bowls and the MLB All Star Game. Conference championships, Bowl Games and a National Championship appearance are some of his finest memories as a coach. He has worked with the highest caliber of athletes in the most competitive programs. Michael's goal is to give his athletes every ounce of his energy, effort, and expertise. He teaches attention to detail, and proper lifting techniques, as well as inspiring athletes to be relentless and attack every rep in the weight room and on the field. 
Sports Performance Experience:
Texas A&M University
Southeastern Louisiana University
Mississippi State University
Brian Neal
Brian was a 4-year starter at linebacker for Bridgewater College and obtained his Master's Degree in Sport Coaching Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi. Since starting his coaching career Brian has trained some of the world's top Olympic athletes, over 20 collegiate All-Americans, and 35 draft-picks, including multiple first-rounder's. His efforts have contributed to dozens of Olympic medalists, 11 Conference titles, and 4 collegiate National Championship appearances. Brian's goal is to provide coaches, parents, and athletes with safe, customized tools and training needed to help them reach their maximum potential.
Sports Performance Experience:
United States Olympic Committee
Sam Houston State University
University of Southern Mississippi
Virginia Tech
UNC-Chapel Hill
Mississippi State University
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