"Nobody gives you a step-by-step instruction manual on how to MAXIMIZE your pitchers training for SAFETY & PERFORMANCE  - Until Now" - Brian Neal
The ULTIMATE Pitchers Training Blueprint
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Learn how to to improve your pitchers arm health, arm speed, and overall strength and stamina with Progressive Drills, Technical Training, Rest Periods, Power Running, Acceleration and On Field Training. This easy to read blueprint is perfect for anyone looking to COMPETE & WIN this season!
In your FREE copy of this blueprint you'll discover...
  • EXACTLY how many times per week you should be strength training and running your pitchers.
  • 10 mobility drills to keep your athletes long, loose, and healthy, along with some shoulder strengthening and stability exercises to maintain good posterior posture and strength.
  • We explain why running long slow distances is BAD for your pitcher.
  • We give you Anaerobic Power workouts, giving your athletes the ability to maintain (and even gain) velocity over an extended period of time, i.e. 1st inning to 7th inning, train the energy system baseball demands, and recover in a much shorter time.
  • Plus… we lay out each day of a 7-day rotation that you can implement with your pitchers all season long - and why Day-1 is so important
  • And as a BONUS, we've included 10 Day's of Bodyweight Circuit Workouts (with videos) to develop that strength and power while you're playing on the road without weightroom access.. No more excuses!
About The Author
Brian Neal
Brian is a certified Strength and Conditioning coach from the C.S.C.C.a and holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Bridgewater College and a Master's Degree from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Brian is a Virginia native and has coached a variety of athletes in a wide range of disciplines across the country. While working as a Sports Performance Coach to college athletes, he has been an integral part of both individual and team successes. His athletes include over 35 NFL players, 50 MLB Draft Picks, and numerous All Americans, some even appearing in Pro Bowls, Super Bowls, and the MLB All Star Game. Conference championships, Bowl Games and a National Championship appearance are some of his finest memories as a coach. He has worked with the highest caliber of athletes in the most competitive programs. Brian's goal is to give his athletes every ounce of his energy, effort, and expertise. He teaches attention to detail, and proper lifting techniques, as well as inspiring athletes to be relentless and attack every rep in the weight room and on the field. 
Professional Experience:
Virginia Tech
UNC-Chapel Hill
University of Southern Mississippi 
Sam Houston State University
The United States Olympic Training Center
Mississippi State University
Here’s What Coaches & Players Are Saying About ONEighty Athletics:
  • "Brian Neal is at the top of his profession when it comes to developing strength and conditioning for any athlete… once we incorporated ONEighty's program, we had 9 players sign college scholarships and our teams advanced to the state playoffs both years while winning one Area Championship and winning the second most games in school history.” Coach Lee Hall, Northview High School (2013-2014)
  • "You're looking for a program and people to trust. Trust with your investment and trust to take your team to the next level. ONEighty Athletics is a program you can trust.."
    Jason Russell, Head Basketball Strength Coach, University of Houston
  • There are some people who give you a task and you do it to the best of your ability because you want to make them proud. Coach Neal is that type of guy. He makes you want to get better and expects you to push yourself so that all the hard work will pay off in the end. I not only got bigger, faster, and stronger but now know the standard that you have to hold yourself to so you'll be able to have continued success. Chris Stratton, RHP, 1st Round Draft Pick San Francisco Giants, 2012 SEC Pitcher of the Year, Consensus All-American
  • "There's No Question That I'm Going To Get My Guys Signed Up! This will give us a great edge to enhance our program and give are kids a chance at the next level"
    Cole Catalano, 
    Louisiana Elite
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